5 Transportation Tips For A Worry-Free Wedding

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Months (sometimes a year) of thought, work and budgeting go into preparing for the perfect wedding day, but this effort will be moot if the transportation prep falls by the wayside. Simply hiring a car company and providing directions isn't enough to keep the day worry-free and enjoyable.

There is a myriad of resources available for brides, grooms and wedding planners on basic wedding transportation tips. Most people know to contact car companies months early, pretty much as soon as the vendor is secured (or earlier if your day falls during prom season). Also, between movies and Pinterest, it's easy (and fun) to brainstorm flashy arrival and getaway car ideas.

But how will the bridal party will get from Point A to Points B and C? Does the budget include the time that drivers wait at each venue? A calm and happy bridal couple is one who considers the details in addition to the bigger picture.

1. Transportation should be synced with the day's timeline of events.
Couples who book multi-purpose wedding venues (locations that offer ceremony and reception services) may not need all-day transportation. In these cases, hiring companies simply for pick-up and drop-offs can be a great, budget-friendly option.

On the other hand, if the reception is across town from the ceremony, and photography sessions are scheduled somewhere in between, it makes more sense to reserve the vehicle for a few hours, if not all day. Weddings with lots of movement also benefit from planned transportation for the bridal party, so everyone is where they need to be, together and at the correct times.

2. Out of town guests, or those travelling to destination weddings, may need help getting to and from venues.
Travelling for a wedding is exciting, but also tiring. To ensure that out-of-town guests enjoy themselves as much as possible, couples should include them in transportation plans. This may mean hiring an additional vehicle or asking local guests to offer rides. It is worth looking into shuttles too, especially when travelling for destination weddings at high-profile locations or resorts.

3. Provide information sheets with locations, times, directions, parking lots and cab phone numbers.
Despite save-the-dates, detailed wedding invitations and verbal communication, people may forget where they need to be (and when). Information sheets (that are emailed a week prior to the day) can help ensure that everyone is on the same page.

4. Book transportation in person.
Brides don't buy their dresses or book venues before seeing them, and the transportation shouldn't be treated any differently. If you have a chauffeur, you get to meet him and you can make sure it's exactly what you expect from the vehicle.

5. Don't forget the photographer.
After the last sips of champagne have been enjoyed and final farewells said, the memories are all anyone has left. In addition to capturing the high-profile moments, eternalise the private ones when couples (and their bridal parties) head from venue to venue, by securing space for the photographer. Some photographers have their own transportation, sometimes they travel with you. Make sure you discuss this with the photographer.