4 Tips for Adventuring on a Budget

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Summer is the perfect time for an adventure. Whether you're headed to the outback, the beach or the big city, you don't have to shell out large amounts of money to have a memorable holiday. There are many ways you can have tons of summer fun in Australia without breaking the bank.

1. Look for Deals on Airfare

During the summer months, airfare can be expensive, but bargains can be found if you know where to look. There's no need to rush the process as you plan your adventure and shop for deals on plane tickets. In general, you'll find the lowest airfare prices about six weeks before your trip, and fares are typically cheaper if you fly Monday Thursday rather than on the weekend.

Keep in mind that it may take some digging in order to find the best deals. Check the listed prices on a variety of websites, including directly from airlines and through discount sites such as Expedia.com.

Travellers should also consider purchasing an air pass, especially if you have several locations on your adventure itinerary. Air passes often include several domestic flights within Australia as well as round-trip airfare from a variety of origin cities throughout the world, especially destinations in the South Pacific.

2. Consider Co-habitation or a Serviced Apartment Stay

Hotel prices can wreak havoc on your travel budget, but today's travellers have a variety of lodging options at their fingertips. Booking a serviced apartment has become a popular choice, as it gives you flexibility and more space than you'll find in a hotel room. Apartments and rental homes are equipped with kitchenettes or full kitchens, allowing you even more ways to save money by preparing your own food rather than constantly eating out.

Single and young travellers may choose to book a bed in a hostel or group lodging facility. These spaces encourage social interaction and group meals, and they're much more affordable than either hotels or serviced apartments. As with airfare, consider booking your stay at a hostel or apartment during the week in order to find the lowest possible rates.

3. Rent, Rather than Buy, Your Adventure Gear

If your Australia summer adventure takes you to the great outdoors, you can stay in a National Park campsite for a nominal fee. Best of all, you can enjoy the outback's gorgeous open spaces from the comfort of a fully equipped off-road camper trailer.

The perfect choice for a rugged outdoor adventure, camper trailers give you privacy, ample space and plenty of shade so that you can escape the heat. Instead of purchasing your own RV or trailer, which can be cost-prohibitive, utilise Hiresquare and hire your adventure gear.

Simply fill out what you would like to hire, whether it's a camper trailer, boat or fishing gear, and you'll receive quotes from local companies. You'll save even more money by picking up the vehicle or machine directly from the retailer.

4. Use Public Transportation, Especially in Big Cities

Major metropolitan areas such as Sydney and Brisbane have comprehensive public transportation systems that are much more affordable than car hire or frequent cab fare. Several locations even boast free routes in high-traffic areas that are popular with tourists. For instance, you can travel throughout Adelaide and Melbourne's city centres on their free trams.

If you want even more freedom to explore Australia's cities and beaches, consider renting a bicycle. In Adelaide, you can take advantage of the city's free bike rental service, available at BikeSA depots throughout the city. Along with keeping your wallet full, utilising buses, trains and bicycles to get around provides more of an insider's view of the city as well as the opportunity to meet fellow travellers.

Making lasting memories doesn't have to be expensive. By following these simple tips, you can enjoy an amazing Australia adventure and still have money left over once you're back home.