Five entertaining outdoor ideas

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Having a party, a birthday or a wedding? Or are you just inviting friends for a fun day at your place? With these 5 tips you can turn any regular event into an AWESOME event.

Hire a portable outdoor cinema
Ever had the fantasy of having a big cinema in your garden? This is possible with inflatable or air cinemas. They are easy to set up and are available in different sizes. A small one would be perfect for the garden and is great for 40 - 100 people. These inflatable screens can sometimes even float in your pool! You can hire outdoor cinemas from various locations.

Musical fun
When you have many people over there are always some musical people. Someone who can play the piano or play a song on the guitar. Either hire an instrument or ask friends to bring them and imitate singing around the campfire with your next event. Everyone likes to sing-a-long with well-known songs.

Photo booth with props
Become a model! With a real photobooth or a DIY picture frame your guests can take funny pictures of themselves. Especially if you have various props such as moustaches, glasses, hats, lipstick, toe socks or bra's. Be creative!

You can either use a digital camera or a polaroid where they directly have their creations printed out.
Source: and Karen Wise Photography

Up for a gamble?
Jackpot! Who doesn't like to have a small gamble? Especially in Australia a portable casino will be a crowd pleaser. There are a variety of games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. Depending on the audience you can link this to drinking shots.

Some creativity - painting
Giving the people the opportunity to be creative can be easy and fun. You can either hire a few easels or make them yourself. Have paint, crayons or pencils available and let your guests make the next Picacso. You can also make a stack of cards with a topic on every card. A guest will take a card and they have to paint/draw what is on that card. This can be a pleaser for both young and old!