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When you plan a wedding you want to make sure you make it an unforgettable day. With these 5 wedding tips you get some straight to the point - easy tips you can use.

Entertain the kids
When you get married, it is likely you have friends and family that have their kids coming along. As the saying goes "Wait time is nagging time", so make sure you entertain the kids as well. Some ideas:
  • Let them make their own cake with whipped cream, sprinkles etc. Be very careful with chocolate, as you don't want your dress to get brown marks all over it.
  • Let them be creative with clay, pencils, paper.
  • Hire entertainment such as a Bouncy castle, or a an inflatable slide.

Hire a wedding dress?
More and more people start hiring the wedding dress. This is not for everyone. Some people want their wedding dress as a memory or on display in their home. But for the majority it ends up in a closet where they never look again. Save money by hiring a wedding dress and make a more ecological choice.

Creative guest books
Instead of having a regular guest booking at the wedding you can get creative. How about:
  • Having flat rocks where people can write on. You can put those rocks in a vase.
  • Have a plant where every guest can hang their own card with some words.
  • Let them write on coasters, which you can print with a lovely text and visual on the other side.
  • Are you a fan of music? Let them write on LP's or a guitar. Are you a Footy fan? Let them write on a football or on a surfboard for the surf fanatics.
  • Have a globe on which they can write. Cruious who will write something in France or New York? You'll see...

Wedding transportation
Although a luxury car, limousine or horse and carriage is most common, we see new trending ideas such as:
  • Transportation over water from a stand-up-paddle board to a luxury speedboat. Obviously you have to celebrate near water.
  • If you have more to spend a helicopter is quite unique. Do note that you need a good landing spot as well.
  • Dressing up the cars make a big difference as well:


Wedding cake
Wedding cakes are there in all kind of varieties, from different designs to healthy or sugarrich and from one big cake to smaller invididual cakes. Some ideas:
  • A donut bar
  • Complementing cakes - one with his name, one with her name, different tastes.
  • A traditional cake with an original design.

    Credit: Colette's Cakes, Inc.