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Hire a projector for a family night or weekend sports match

The summer is knocking on Australia’s doorstep. Temperatures are rising and the days are getting longer. This summer is promising to be a scorching one as October and November have already shown countrywide temperatures that are above average. Experts have been talking about El Nino effects again this year and predict that this summer will most likely be one where you are expected to sweat. So bring out your swimwear and thongs.
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No worries though. It is a good excuse to eat plenty of ice cream and to take refreshing dives in the pool or the ocean. As the official start of the summer is approaching, our days get longer. This also means the holiday season is coming and that we are all looking at ways to spend time with our family. What better way than to hire a projector, a projector screen and to watch movies on the veranda. How about organising a romantic night and surprise your spouse with his/her favourite snacks and an action packed movie or chick flick. Have kids? Then start off with a great Disney movie before you gently persuade them into bed so the folks can have a little private time for the second movie. You can even hire a blu ray player or dvd player.

So, buy yourself popcorn, request a local projector rental and create a nice snug setup. Perhaps toss in some beanbags to create a comfy and cosy setting and prepare yourself for an evening to relax.

Not into romantic family nights? Then how about your fire up the barbie, buy all the sausages from the butcher, get a few cartons of beer and invite your mates to watch the game. With blokes it is always the bigger the better. So, get the biggest projector screen you can get your hands on, position a few benches to set up a grandstand, and make sure your let the neighbours know that your team is winning. Perhaps you should make sure you have a few spare sofa’s or beds for them to pass out on afterwards…