Tips for your new home after a divorce

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One thing that happens often after a divorce is that either one or both parties move out. A divorce is already stressful enough besides moving home. Especially when children are involved the situation is even more difficult. Before relocating, it is necessary to set in place a well-thought-out-plan.


Although a divorce process can be overwhelming, there have to be a few rational decisions to be made. Could it be more reasonable to rent out the home shared with the other spouse and look for another space? Instead of staying in the previously owned home and nursing memories shared with the other partner, it is reasonable to move into a new space to build fresh memories.

Sticking to a schedule

Donít fall into the trap of scheduling to tight. Basic renovating always takes more time than you expect. Do keep in mind what you MUST have done before you would like to move into your new home and which tasks you would LIKE to have done. Doing the floor, painting the living room and making sure the bathroom is ready are a few things you probably would like to have done before moving in.

However cleaning windows, redoing the garden, renovating guest rooms, adding curtains and accessories can all be done when you already moved. The advantage of still doing some work when you already moved is that you donít have to travel between houses to do the work. You can also move sooner as you only have to do the essentials before moving. The downside is that your new home may not feel ready when you move in and you are still in a messy home, while all you want is rest and some room for your emotions.

When you have kids you can make arrangements with your ex-partner to give each other room to do renovations while the other is watching after your children. This makes it easier to do renovations during after work. Make sure you make clear arrangements beforehand to avoid having arguments.

Eight tips for budget-conscious people

Moving into a beautiful landscape and a properly manicured law, could help you get a new and fresh start. What are the top 8 low budget things one can do to improve the new house and make it look good?
1. Give it new paint: Painting is usually something that can be done by yourself, that doesnít have to be too overly expensive, but can give a fresh feeling to any home.

2. Invest in pillows: When chosen correctly, they can punch up the elegance factor. It gives colour to the room. They also give extra comfort on the couch.

3. Window treatments: Not only does this give a touch of elegance, but also gives the needed privacy. Decide for yourself what kind of cover you would like. Curtains can be beautiful, give colour and/or elegance to the room, but they are either open or closed. With blinds you have the option to let light through and still have privacy.

4. Giving the kitchen a facelift: Instead of redoing the entire kitchen, can you reply just the doors of the cabinets or can you paint them? Are the cabinets still in a good condition? Or do you only need to replace the shelves? For the bathroom, cheap adjustments such as installing a new toilet seat can make a big difference.

5. Accessorise: Often people look at accessories as something extra that is not ďnecessaryĒ. Keep in mind that small accessories can make a big difference to a home. Mirrors are a good example of that. They can make a room look much bigger and they donít have to be overly expensive. Think of picture frames, paintings, pillows, candles etc.

6. Rent tools instead of buying them: Consider which tools you would only once or twice and which you would use continuously. It is not smart to rent a lawnmower if you have grass and you want to maintain it yourself as you would need it every few weeks in winter. However how often do you need tools such to drill? Or use a saw? If you buy a new property, it could be beneficial to rent a good steam cleaner or floor scrubber instead of replacing the old flooring.

7. Use quality tools: When renovating it is important to use quality tools. This isnít to sell you something more expensive, it is about making your life easier. You can manually chip away tiles and tile glue from the ground or rent a tool that costs $15,000 to buy but that does a better job in 1/10th of the time. Determine beforehand which tasks are time-consuming and hard and if they can be done easier by renting professional products.

8. Buy used products: Think of which products you wouldnít mind buying second-hand. Although mattresses are probably low on the list of people would like second-hand, many accessories can be found on Gumtree or various local Facebook groups.