Why would you hire furniture when selling your home?

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First impressions are long lasting, and people only get one chance at them. This is why staged homes are so important. Home-owners should consider how to best present their houses before placing photographs on real estate listings. Staging is also a great practice in preparation for open house events.

Staging is a method of showcasing a house or apartment at its greatest potential. This means purging old items, quick-fixing walls or flooring, and it sometimes requires hiring decorative furnishings.

To some, this process may seem like a waste of time or money but staged homes catch the eyes of many interested parties. The strategic organization of furniture and lighting can make a small or medium-sized room seem larger and more spacious. A little paint will turn a feature that sticks out into one that stands apart. Remember, the key to sales is an attractive product and buyers will move mountains to purchase the homes that they love. It's the job of the sellers to spark emotion in the buyers.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/staged4more/12025723175

Sellers should focus their efforts on attracting buyers who will pay top dollar prices.
Showcasing homes after they have been luxuriously decorated will attract the buyers who are willing to pay for quality. This will mean extra work to remove old (used) furniture, box collectibles, sell or donate useless items, clean and repaint. The truth of the matter, however, is that these activities will need to be done at some point. The seller may as well take on these tasks when it matters most, before showing the home to the public and getting a quote.

Sellers should not believe that their possessions will be loved by potential buyers.
Anyone placing their homes on the market should consider removing old furniture or special artwork/collectibles first. Remember that different people have varied styles and tastes. While loved by the owners, old furniture and eclectic possessions may turn away potential buyers.

Do take advantage of the art of visualization.
People purchase the houses that they can see themselves living in. Optimizing the space will fuel a desire in the hearts of buyers and plant seeds in their minds. As the seeds of thought grow, ideas become decisions that later turn into resolutions.

Adding and arranging furniture will also give buyers ideas for how to decorate the spaces themselves. Without the buyer knowing it, the seller has sold them on the house by appealing to their sense of style and desire for comfort.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/realestaging/

Do create a cozy atmosphere.
Anyone who has ever walked through IKEA will understand the magnetic attraction that pulls consumers towards the furniture. These pieces seem to be pleading for someone to use them. The urge to sit on the sofas and touch the marble kitchen counters is irresistible.

A dark or empty home may feel cold and unwelcome. Also, without seeing how space can be utilized, a buyer may walk away feeling unsatisfied.

Keep the furniture and tones basic. Whites, varieties of beige and pastels are calming tones that appeal to many different pairs of eyes. Soft plush carpets and hand knit throws add an increased touch of comfort. Plants, artwork and accents all work to create an at-home ambiance that doesn't overpower the senses.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_staging#/media/File:Family-room-700.jpg

Don't incorporate busy patterns or vibrant colors.
A red accent wall may be a statement but when selling the home sellers must think like the majority, and the entire world isn't looking to make a statement with their homes. Replace ornate patterns with attractive but basic ones.

Do use mirrors and lights.
These pieces help to enlarge the appearance of rooms. Also, keep windows clean, streak-free and uncovered. Let light filter into the rooms.

Don't believe the myth that staging is only for the rich and famous.
Everyone can benefit from staging their home. Before committing to one company, however, take the time and effort to compare quotes to hire furniture. Different companies will charge a range of prices. There is an option for many budgets and staging isn't a practice reserved for the wealthy.

If beautifying each room in a house is too difficult a task, focus on the rooms that matter the most. Living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are deal breakers for most buyers. These are the rooms that require the most energy to maintain and where people spend the most time. Keep the hallways and other rooms clean and clear of clutter while organizing the spaces that people will bee-line for.

Staging may save the seller money in the long run.
Not only can staging be done affordably, but it can result in a lucrative return on a seller's initial investment (from when they were the buyers). Furniture rentals may cost anywhere between a couple thousand dollars to nearly $10K. This is a decent chunk of change, but the return on investment may be worth a sellers while. Renting furniture and staging the home, or even a couple of rooms inside the home can be the difference between tens of thousands of dollars in final sales.

Placement of furniture It is not just about using the right furniture, the placement of the furniture is at least as important. Make sure furniture is not stacked together and does not break an open space. Placement makes a huge difference as you can see in the image below.

Source: http://i.imgur.com/qOzfWvy.jpg

It may be a worthwhile idea to place your trust in the interior designers.
In the midst of selling their homes, finding new homes and moving furniture, many sellers may think of staging as a chore or an undesirable obligation. Others may not feel creative enough to decorate in a way that will appeal to the masses. In both of these scenarios, hiring an interior designing company can be a solution worth considering.