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Bain Marie Hire - Food Warmer Rental

Bain Marie food warmer

A bain marie is a piece of catering equipment that keeps your food hot. If you want to hire a bain marie, you can get one from local catering equipment hire companies.

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Bain Marie as a Food Warmer

A bain marie is also referred to as double boiler or water bath. Typically bain maries are used as a piece of catering equipment. You often see them at buffets to keep food warm. You can hire a bain maire from catering companies. When looking for a bain marie hire, you usually have a few options to choose from. There are single bain maries available, double bain maries, or even bain maries with various pans or trays in a single/double row. They can be used instead of chafing dishes or hot plates to keep food warm for a long period of time.

How does a bain marie work

Essentially a bain marie is a piece of equipment consisting of two container. container that has an outer basin that holds liquid (for cooking this would be water). The inner basin/container is placed inside the outer one. Typically, about half of the inner container is submerged in outer container and is thus partly surrounded by the liquid in this outer container. By heating the outer basin, you heat up the water, which in turn heats up the food (or items) in the inner container. This can have a dual purpose. You can either keep something warm for a long period of time, as would be the case when used as a piece of catering equipment. Or, bain maries can be used to warm gradually warm something and raise temperature slowly. Since you are not heating up the object(s) in the inner container directly, they don't get burned or scorched. Besides cooking, this is valuable for scientific experiments (they were in fact used by alchemists). If the outer container is filled with water, no mater how much the bain marie is heated up, the inner temperature of the water will never exceed the boiling point (100 degrees Celcius). Most bain maries these days have a tap so you can drain the water when you are done with it.

What size do you need?

When considering renting a bain marie food warmer, check with the bain marie hire business to assess how many pans and what tray sizes you need. They come in all sizes and shapes, so it really depends on how many mouths you have to feed.