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Bar Table Hire & Cocktail Table Rental

bar table hire

Why bother holding your party at a bar with expensive drinks and service? With the convenience of bar table hire and rental you can host your own bar on your own grounds.

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Tired of expensive standard-pour drinks? Afraid of the bar tab at the end of a long, privately hosted function? Well you can save money and pour stiffer drinks for your guests by doing cocktail table hire yourself. Have your bar table rental dropped off right at your gathering. Load the table with your favorite drinks and nibbles and have a feast with all your guests.

The cocktail table hire can be brought to any function. No matter if this is an indoor or outdoor event. You can have your very own bar in your back yard, at the footy pitch or your favorite convention hall. If you want to serve your guests and donít want to have them seated all the time, make use of bar tables. It really encourage people to move around a lot more.

Private party bars are not under strict government regulation. You can buy your favorite spirits and pour them as liberally as you'd like. You are not required to pour a standard drink. And with a private party bar table hire, you can control costs. You buy the spirits, wine and beer for the bar table, you may even hire or supply your own bar tender, and you know exactly how much it all costs, even if you are supplying an open bar for your guests. Save yourself the shocking tab from a bar or club, throw a party yourself.

Bar tables are not just great for private parties. A bar table hire is also great for festivals, markets, events and even for fundraisers for your favorite charity or organisation. Throw a fundraiser for your favorite local team, hold a function for a charity or raise money for a good cause through your own personal bar. After a while, everyone will be extremely merry and giving. And they'll all congratulate you on an event well thrown.