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What inventory do I get with the caravan

When you hire a caravan, they normally come fully equipped and are self sustainable. The model and type of caravan determine what you get with it and how many people it can accommodate. You can expect it to have cooking facilities and fridge/freezer. Pots, pans, cutlery and crockery should normally be included. Linen you may need to provide yourself. Optionally you may want to hire a generator, an annexe and maybe chairs and tables to sit outside. Do make sure that you return everything clean and in the same state as when you picked up your caravan.

What about insurance?

Professional caravan hire companies will provide adequate insurance. Usually they will ask for a bond to be deposited when you rent the caravan. When you come back from your trip, the bond will be returned to you after inspection of the caravan. Any damage caused by you may be deducted from this bond. As such, always check the caravan before you go on your road trip for any damage that may have been there already. This procedure is comparable to when you rent a car. Always double check with the rental company and discuss insurance options. Quite often it is also a requirement that the towing vehicle has comprehensive car insurance.

What are caravan hire rates?

The caravan hire pricing mainly depends on the season and the type of caravan you are looking for. Peak periods and the holiday are more expensive than off season periods. Discount are often rewarded when you hire for a long consecutive period. Caravan hire rates may start from as low as $80 daily or $450 weekly.

Can my car tow the caravan?

Towing caravans requires strong cars. You need to check weight limits of your towing vehicle. Caravans will have weights specifications and requirements that need to be matched. This varies per model and caravan type. The rental company will be able to advise you if your vehicle is heavy and powerful enough. Your vehicle will also need to have a 12v electrical plug near to tow ball with a 7 pin configuration. You can also check the What about one way hire? This would really depend on the rental operator. Quite a few caravan rental businesses are small family owned businesses. They will provide a high level of service, but quite often do not have multiple (office) locations and thus will not allow for one-way hire. Bigger more established rental companies with multiple locations throughout Australia may accommodate this.