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Carousel Hire & Rental

carousel horse from a merry go round

Round and round you go. Enjoy the fun of a carousel. Hire one today for your next event and entertain the young ones. Let them be embraced by the magic of this traditional fun fair attraction.

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When was the last time your hired a carousel? Can't remember? Well, then it is about time you get one of these fun attractions. We can all still envision the joy and magic that a merry go round brought to us when we were kids. Standing next to the twirling fun fair attraction waiting for it to stop so we could rush on and select our favourite animal or object to ride. Whether this was one of the classic horses, and elephant or a car, it did and at the same time it didn't matter. Just being on this amusement ride was already more than enough to make our blood rush a little faster as burst of laughter and joy escaped our mouth. Oh, wasn't it just great being a kid?

And who says that all the fun is over now that we are adults? You can still rent a carousel and relive the fantasy. Whether you (can) get on yourself, or whether you just hire a merry go round for the kids. Having a carousel around is guaranteed to add that little extra to an event and make it just a little more special. Get a mini carousel for the very little ones. Perhaps combine it with a swing ride and a (mini) Ferris wheel. These things are great for (school) fetes, markets, children's parties, fairs and/or fundraisers. Keep the children occupied and let them have an unforgettable day.

When you get your carousel hire, make sure there is enough (vehicle) access for it to be placed on the desired spot. Also, these attractions need a power supply (sometimes on their own circuit) to be able to operate. Check with the merry go round rental professionals and they will be able to tell you exactly what is required. And don't forget to enquire about other amusement products that are available for entertainment.