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Cherry picker
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Hire a Cherry Picker to access those unreachable heights.

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Cherry pickers are access platforms that have a hydraulic lifting system. At the end of this lifting system there is a bucket for a person to stand in and operate from. It is an aerial work platform designed to lift personnel so they can work on elevated places. Cherry pickers is a general term and they come in all sizes and shapes. They are usually mobile and self moving platforms, but can also be mounted on trucks or other equipment.

Cherry pickers get there name from cherry picking in orchards (what a surprise) where fruit pickers would take cherries from the trees. Cherry picker hire companies can tell you all about the specifications and reach of these machines. They are easy to operate, but do require a EWPA yellow card. For machinery that has more than 11m reach, you require a Worksafe WP class licence. Check with the cherry picker hire business for the exact details.