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Cool Room Hire and Cold Storage Rental

cool room hire

Are the temperatures hot and do you need a mobile cool room to drop the temperature on your beverages?

Request quotes from local cool room hire companies and enjoy cold drinks. Also a great way for storing food at events.

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Aren't these just the coolest trailer you have ever come across? Hiring a cool room is fantastic way to keep your beverages cold when you need to transport food and drinks, or when you are hosting an event at a remote location.

Rent a cool room to keep your food and drinks chilled

Mobile coolrooms are a great way to keep food and drinks cool and away from the scorching sun in Australia. A cool room is temperature controlled refrigerated trailer that has ample storage space. Simply set the desired temperature and enjoy those cold drinks. Cool rooms are great for cooling beverages at parties, weddings, corporate events, mine sites, large barbies, fetes, concerts and/or other functions.

Cool rooms take between 20 minutes and an hour to get to the desired temperature. This depends on the temperature that is is set to and the outside temperature of the surroundings. Once cooled, the cool room will hold its temperature for quite some time, even when it is not plugged into a power supply. The isolation of the trailer will help to ensure your food and drinks stay cold.

Different sizes and shapes

Most cool room hire companies provide different sizes and options. Depending on the storage space you need, you can select a bigger option. Additionally, if you need to freeze some items, you can rent a freezer room. Feel the need to be able to peek in? Or do you want your audience to be able to see what is inside the cool room? Most rental companies can provide you with a cooling trailer that is equipped with glass doors. The shelves inside the cool room are normally fully adjustable so suit your needs.

When hiring a cool room and stacking it full of food, drinks or cartons, make sure you place heavier items at the bottom. This will keep the centre of gravity low and thus provides better stability. This is especially important when the trailer is mounted behind your car while driving.

What power does the cool room rely on?

Cool rooms rely on a power supply to cool temperatures. Most cool rooms you can simply plug into a standard mains power supply. Do check with the cool room hire business for specifications. Larger trailers may require other power needs.

Rely on service from the experts

Rely on the service from the rental business. If you have any special requests or are unsure about your cool room rental, just reach out to them as they are eager to help serve their customers. You can specify whether you want your cool room hire to be picked up or delivered to your doorstep.