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Dodgem Cars Hire & Bumper Cars Rental

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Have fun bumping around. Hire dodgem cars for you next event from a local rental company. Request quotes for an entire setup.

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People around the world delight in driving inventively built bumper cars. Amusement park customers stand in long lines, for a few minutes in these interesting vehicles. Shopping centers and malls have introduced a generation to bumper car rides. Now, Dodgem car hire gives anyone the chance to hire bumper cars for event entertainment.

Contract bumper cars for reasonable prices, climb into the driverís seat and have fun, try the spin zone, indoor or kiddie cars, these cars are versatile and reliable. Use this venue to add to party events to entertain guests.

These cars are designed in electric, battery powered, old fashioned, mini cars and inflatables. Hire bumper cars for parties, reunions, or picnics. Dodgem cars are great for fun occasions. Cars seat one to two guest and move freely across a flat surface.

Dodgem car hire is easy, a fun activity for any party or other social event. Planning to have an exhibition of any kind? These cars are great entertainment. Spice up a party, rent Dodgem cars and bring out the fun competitive side of everyone. Kids love them and adults never outgrow these delightfully fun cars. The cars are relatively environmentally friendly with only a small use of electricity.

Dodgem bumper equipment is a safety conscious product. Have a responsible adult supervise the operation. Don't have people running around between the cars. The cars are safe, but if people do not act responsibly, accidents can happen.

Join the millions of bumper car fans and take a drive. Test the skills only a ride in a bumper car can provide. Rent dodgem cars and get that exhilarating feeling of besting the driver next to you, while speeding across the floor. The outcome is always a mystery when colliding with another car but it is loads of fun finding out. Have fun trying to bump into others, or do your best avoiding them with speedy manoeuvres.