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Espresso Machine Hire & Rental


Brew fresh coffee and get a cup of lovely strong espresso. Rent an espresso machine today and get you, your guests and/or your customers satisfied with quality produce.

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Donít we all love that smell of fresh coffee and grinded coffee beans. It fills your nostrils and makes you eager to enjoy a cup or mug of freshly made espresso, cappuccino, short black, long white, or whatever your coffee preference is. In case you are not sure which coffee machine you want, you can always choose to hire one first before you commit. When renting an espresso machine you can test the waters so to speak. Get your favourite roasted beans grinded and add them to your espresso machine rental. Turn on the machine and enjoy the dark caffeine nectar. Take a deep sniff and fill your nose and lungs with that sweet and slightly burned aroma. Bring the cup to your mouth and enjoy that first sip of beautiful espresso and the long strong flavour of your fresh produce.

If you work in hospitality and have a bar, cafe or restaurant. Lease or hire commercial espresso machines or coffee machines. Serve your customers the best without going all out on an expensive investment. Most commercial coffee machine rental companies have the option where you can acquire the machine if you are satisfied. If you are looking for more short term hire, such as for a one-day party or event, be sure to specify this in your quote request. So no matter if you are after a permanent hire solution, or a temporary rental, everything can be accommodated. Most espresso machine hire providers can also supply you with the beans to make the coffee. Rental companies may charge rates based on a certain timeframe, or they may charge you per cup served or the amount of coffee beans you order from them. Make sure you discuss pickup and delivery options. And in the end, only one thing is important; getting quality coffee that makes people enjoy. So consider a quality rental and become your own barista!