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If you are looking for a floor structure that has high loading capacity, and its end walls are strong enough to secure cargo then what you need is a flat rack container.

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A flat rack is a structure of floor which has a very high capacity of loading. It is made of softwood floor and steel frame. On both ends of the floor, there are end walls which are either collapsible or fixed. These end walls are made in a way that they could secure the cargo. They are also used for attaching the structure to other things. Many times, a great number of flat racks are placed on one another, and they require some attachment. Flat racks are available in two sizes which are twenty feet and forty feet. The flat rack has several lashing rings which are installed on the floor, corner posts, and side rails. That is very effective for securing the cargo. If the flat rack is twenty feet long, the lashing rings can take the load as much as two thousand kilograms. If the flat rack is forty feet long, the lashing rings can take the load as much as four thousand kilograms. There are some flat racks which have pockets for forklifts. They make it very easy to forklift the structure and place it in another location. In the case of forty feet long flat racks, there are gooseneck tunnels on the both ends. Some of these longer flat racks come with lashing winches. They also have lashing belts with a capacity of two metric tons. There are also some flat racks which come with stanchions. These are provided for certain cargo transportation.