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Furniture Hire and Furniture Rental

Furniture hire can be a lifesaver when planning weddings, baby showers, graduations and birthday celebrations so you can properly accommodate your guests. Request quotes from furniture rental companies for your event today.

Professional gatherings often require using a rental company to present a polished image and ensure a successful outcome. Whatever the occasion, personal or professional, a rental can help things run smoothly.

Before securing a rental company, make sure to do some planning. Take stock of your event and ask some questions. Is the event for a personal occasion or a professional one? How big is your event? How many people will attend? Is there a theme? Answering these questions will affect the type of company you employ and the style of furniture you choose. If you are planning a professional event like a corporate launch or a fundraiser, you can seek out companies who also offer event planning in addition to providing furniture rental and table and chair hire. In many cases, the company can provide options for themes and corporate brands.

Another thing to consider is the venue for the event. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Most companies in the business offer outdoor furniture hire as well. Keep in mind that outdoor furniture rental can be affected by weather. Check to see what, if any, cancellation fees may apply and what are the company’s refund policies are.

Fees usually include the quantity and type of furniture you rent. Delivery and pick up are also often included in the cost. Some companies will also set up the furniture prior to the event and strike down the setting after the event is completed. You may find it helpful to provide the furniture hire company with a layout of the event and ask them for comments and/or suggestions on it. Remember; plan your event to the best of your ability in advance before securing a company. Together you and the company you choose can help make your event a memorable one.