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gladiator duel hire

You don't need to take your party to an arcade or a theme park to have the highest level of energetic fun. All you need to do is take advantage of your local gladiator duel hire.

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Let's be honest, sometimes it is fun to take out your best friend, relative or partner with a giant gladiator stick. A gladiator jumping castle allows your guests to get into a safe and soft environment on top of a pillowy and bouncy inflatable stage. The participants wear helmets and wield giant, inflatable gladiator sticks. When the ref says "Go!" the two participants start swinging wildly at each other, trying to knock one another off the pedestals.

The gladiator bouncy castle has two inflatable pedestals that are set about a meter apart. These tiny stages are not easy to balance on, so the match is a test of speed, strength and balance; anyone can win. When one contestant falls off their respective pedestal, they have lost.

And it is almost as much fun to watch the gladiator jumping castle's matches as it is to participate in them. You get to cheer with the crowd as the young daughter takes down her father, or two cocky mates have a go at each other. When you have an active crowd that likes to participate and sweat a little, the gladiator duel hire is right for you.

But it's not just about the fun. The gladiator jumping castle saves you money. You don't have to take your friends and family to the park or an arcade to have this kind of fun. Just hire gladiator duel, have the rental company drop it off and set it up at your event. Then sit back and enjoy the action. There are more companies that rent the gladiator jumping castle than you'd think, so you're bound to get a competitive price paired with convenience, ease, and most of all, fun.