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Horse Agistment and Horse Stables

horse stable rental

Have you always wanted horses but don't have a place to keep them or enough land to let them graze? Don't let that stop you! Did you know that you can pay someone to let your horse stay on their land or in their stables?

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Horses need plenty of room for grazing, as well as a place to shelter when the weather gets bad. But you don't have to go through all of the trouble of building stables and buying land just to own a horse! Let your horse graze and roam on acres of beautiful land.

What is a horse agistment?
A horse agistment allows another person's horse to be kept on someone else's property for a fee.

Why agist your horse?
Because it's much simpler to own a horse or horses this way. Unless you own livestock or you're dedicated to horses having and maintaining enough land to keep horses can be time-consuming and expensive all on its own. Other landowners who have cattle or other livestock already have to do all of this.

What you should know if you agist your horses
Make sure you have a written understanding between yourself and the landowner and that you have read the agreement thoroughly. Read up on all the laws about horse agistment in your area before you enter into an agreement so that you don't run into any legal surprises or disputes.