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Inflatable Slide Hire - Blow Up Slide Rental

inflatable slide hire

Inflatable Slide Hire and Rental. A blow up slide is a huge inflatable slide that everyone will enjoy at your next event. Have same serious sliding fun as a kid, or as an adult.

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You'll find a giant slide hire directly in the middle of a fun event, ranging from a corporate event to a home party. This is simply one of those attractions that almost everyone loves and is hard to miss due to its sheer size.

Resembling the slip n slides from the 1970's, the new type of inflatable slide rental is a lot easier on your body. It also has a safety ramp on the end of it that slows your body. So, if you like the traditional inflatable slide hire, you're bound to like these even more.

There are a few things you must remember when getting an inflatable slide hire. First of all, you must always have the unit staked down. This is a very important safety precaution because you don't want a strong wind to pick it up and blow it away, injuring everyone who was on it at that time. For this reason, you also always need an adult attendant in place. Secondly, you'll need a dedicated circuit for the slide's blowers. Fortunately, most slides only have one blower. Nonetheless, it's important that this outlet is close enough the reach the slide. Third and finally, you should never take safety for granted. One such safety rule you can't ignore is sitting with your feet in front of you when you're riding down the slide. By following this simple safety guideline, you'll have a safe, fun time on the blow up slide.

Various slides are available for rental. These slides come in different formats, colours or a multitude of sliding lanes. Have any specific wishes? Make sure you direct them at your inflatable slide hire company.