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Looking to Hire a jukebox for your next party or event?

Get swinging with great music. Rent a jukebox from a local supplier and get that party started!

Choose and select from a large array of songs or even start a karaoke.

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Jukebox Hire with Karaoke?

One of the most common questions we get is whether you can combine renting a jukebox with karaoke. Well, the residing answer is 'YES'. Most rental companies can provide this for you including microphones. In fact, a lot of jukeboxes have karaoke capability integrated. Just plug a mic, and start singing.

How much does it cost to rent a Jukebox?

Looking for a cheap jukebox hire? Contact local companies and request quotes to get the latest prices. You can start renting jukebox machines from as low as $200. Most often businesses that have jukeboxes for hire also offer additional packages such as lighting, extra loudspeakers, or slushie machines.

Can I choose my own songs?

Yes you can. This is what makes hiring a jukebox a fun experience. It can play songs at random, or you can select your favourite songs and create a playlist. Depending on the machine, and its setup, the selection of songs may differ. Check with the rental company to get your favourite selection. Selections can match age groups, genres or carefully compiled categories. You can manage and editing your own playlists. Add more songs to your queue, skips songs or override a specific selection. And the great thing, the jukebox will take care of the fading to change and transition songs from one to another smoothly. Some digital jukebox models also allow for iPhone or iPod input capability. A great and easy way for these vintage and classic looking machines to play your own music.

A bit of history on jukeboxes

Originally, jukeboxes where often placed in bars and cafes. People needed put money into the machine before they could select a song. Modern day jukeboxes are often digital versions of the old record/CD shufflers and are operated through a touch screen. The old school jukeboxes used gramophone (vinyl) records which were later replaced by CDs and eventually by more conventional digital formats such as MP3.
The first jukebox music playing machines were already being made at the end of the 19th century. However, jukebox machines didn't become popular until the '30s of the 20th century. Because of their often prominent placement, more effort was put into their design and colourful decoration, especially just after the war ended mid -40s. The most popular period in which these music machines were used was between 1940 through to the mid 1960s. The most famed historical jukebox producers were: Seeburg, Wurlitzer and Rock-Ola (famed for it's appearance in the TV show Happy Days).

Fun Fact: Jukeboxes used to be the most important for record companies and publishers. It is where new records would be released to first. Image thatů.

So if you want to try something different on your next party, considering hiring a jukebox to entertain your guests.