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Karaoke Hire & Karaoke Machine Rental

karaoke machine

Get singing and show off that voice of yours! Hire a karaoke machine for your next party or event.

Entertainment and laughter guaranteed!

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Why Karaoke hire?

Simply put; it is just plain fun. It brings together all sorts of people, no matter sex, ethnicity or age. Pick up the microphone and give it all you've got. Pretend to be a star and amaze people with your vocal skills. Kids and adults alike love it. A karaoke machine is great for any party. Get one for your birthday, bucks/hens party, a fund raiser, your family get-together or try to embarrass your colleagues at the annual company bash. Haven't got the talent to sing along in the right key? It doesn't matter, let people have a laugh as you completely miss the timing while showing off your most extravagant dance moves. Hey… you can't win 'm all tiger.

Where does Karoake come from

The word 'Karaoke' comes from the Japanese words 'Kara' (empty) and 'Okesutora' (orchestra). Although recordings without vocals have been around since pretty much the beginning of music recording, the commercialisation of it only happened in the 1970s and started in Japan. It soon spread out through Asia and the rest of the world and gaining major popularity during the 90s. Did you know that some taxis in South Korea were equipped with a karaoke set to provide means of entertainment for there passengers at the time?

What is the cost of a Karaoke Machine Hire

A lot of party and event hire businesses rent out karaoke machines. These days, most machines also function as jukebox. Expect to pay between $180 and $280 when renting a karaoke machine. When you hire a karaoke machine you get a vast amount of songs with it. These days it is all digital, so need to swap discs. Simply select a song and start singing. Plenty of well known hits to choose from. The karaoke songs are guided by music videos that display a video clip with the text. Discover how often you get the words wrong on songs you've been singing all your life. With karaoke rentals, you can quite often you can hook up multiple microphones for duets. Do check with the karaoke hire company, since they may charge extra costs for hiring the microphone.