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Lectern hire


The model of lectern you decide upon can be a statement about what you value most highly.

Whether you are planning for a conference, an AGM, an awards night, a product launch or an exhibition, the style of lectern you select can say a good deal about your organisation and can also make a lasting impression on your guests.

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There are several styles of lecterns that you may select from, involving a choice of materials as well as of the weight and features. Is it necessary to have a reading light attached? Will it safely accommodate audio-visual wires integrated with the sound system? Is it to have a logo attached? Each of these details will have bearing on the model that would be most fitting. Will your event be held in a classroom or an auditorium, or onstage? Will take place in a venue already dedicated for training or holding seminars?Is it to be held in a place of worship? How long will the lectern be in use as the centre of attention? As for design choices to be made, is the overall theme of the event more traditional in nature; or would a more modern and forward-looking style be best? Another element to consider is the composition of the lectern, since wood is a good deal heavier than many of the other materials available and can be an issue if there is any sort of challenge with respect to transport.