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Marquee hire

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A marquee hire and rental is one way to set your event apart from the rest. Hire a marquee and set up for a great event that protects your guests from the weather. Tents are erected on grass, soil or on the beach. Large tents can seat up to 60 people. Freestanding structures will sit on any surface and may host to 130 guests. A party in summer is fun but the heat and mosquitoes may be a bit bothersome. In winter, cold may cause a problem but with a marquee hire and rental attendees are protected from the weather.

Hire a marquee for an elegant party and place party favors out of the weather. Serve food and beverages or use a marquee hire to provide a cool place to sit and relax, keep partygoers out of the weather. Take your party or meeting to the beach, a park or the backyard. Guest will appreciate the extra effort to make their experience a pleasant one.

When renting a marquee, you can also request additional props such as heating and lighting. Use a disco ball, multi colored strobe light or a spiraling disco ball to get the party started. Floodlights are available on a 500-watt stand. These fixtures are additional but very affordable. Place tables and bright decorations around the marquee in a planned theme, and perhaps even add a dance floor to get swinging. A tent makes an outdoor party festive and gives everyone a focal point. You can also use marquees as an entry way or a place for your main gala. They are attractively designed and easy to use.

A party tent hire can include, barbecue equipment, hot water urn, smoke machine, a gas heater or pie warmer, many of the items that make a party a success. Marquee hire prices are affordable. Rent a tent for as few as five or six people. Planning a booth for an event? Rent a marquee and sit in comfort out of the sun while keeping everything needed inside. Marquee rental is simple. When requesting prices quotes for marquees, make sure you mention the number of people that the tent should be able to host and that you expect to have at you function.

Marquees are great way to use for events, parties and weddings. Enjoy the shade in summer, keep the warmth inside in winter. Marquees are available in all kind of different sizes and shapes, such as:
  • Gazebo marquees, trapeze marquees and trapeze furniture
  • from 3m x 3m up to even 15m x 42m
  • Including decoration, lighting, audio, furniture if required
A wide selection and variety of marquees are available. You'll be able to find one for any occasion, whether it is a party or an event. We have branches Australia-wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Just fill out the form and get quotes from local suppliers. It's easy, it's affordable and it's fun!