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Mechanical Surfboard Hire - Surfboard Machine Rental

mechanical rodeo surfboard

Hire a mechanical surfboard for your next event. Test your balance and see how long you keep standing on the surf simulator. Guaranteed a great and fun entertainment for you and your guests.

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Are you organising and event and do you feel like something different? Try mechanical surfboard hire. The concept is the same as a mechanical rodeo bull, with one major difference. Instead of trying to stay seated on bucking bronco, you now test your balance on a surfboard that goes frantic.

When you rent a mechanical surfboard for your event, fair, kids party or festival, you are guaranteed to have a good laugh. The surfboard simulates the waves from the ocean, but it is no easy ride. The board will twist, turn and pivot challenging every aspect of your balance. Even the most experienced pro surfers will find that their limits will be tested.

And donít worry about falling off. This is part of the fun of the mechanical surfboard hire. When you loose your ground, you simply fall of on the soft matting of the inflatable bounce house that surrounds the attraction. The fall will always come as a surprise, but you will land softly and will be able to bounce to your feet quickly for another try on this electrical thrill machine. The surfboard itself is usually made from, or covered with soft foam. That way, even if you fall on the board, you wonít bruise yourself (too much).

The goods news when you are hiring a mechanical surfboard, is that you donít have to worry about being thrown around by the big waves and swell. You donít need to swim back to the shore, and you definitely donít have to worry about the sharkies in the water. The only thing you may need worry about is a big dent in your ego when you donít manage to stay on longer than your friends. But hey, it will provide a good laugh and will definitely give you something to talk about afterwards.