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Metal Detector Hire and Gold Detector Rental

Metal Detector for prospecting

On the hunt for precious metal, lost your prized jewellery?

Hire a metal detector and try your luck. Get a quick lesson and start your prospecting adventure.

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Try your luck, hire a metal detector, and search that rich Australian soil. Find precious metals in the outback, scour the beaches and fields and go treasure hunting. Be careful though, it may be addicting.

Why would you hire a metal detector

Stating the obvious - with a metal detector you can find metal. In Australia this is obviously most famed for prospecting and scanning the ground for gold or other metal bounty, However, even in urban areas it can be useful to rent a detector. If you have lost rings, necklaces, coins, watches or anything else while gardening or sitting on the beach, a metal detector hire may just be your life saver. Additionally, if you need to do some serious digging in the garden, it may be worth checking for piping or wiring.

Is it hard?

That really depends how you look at it. Operating the metal detector is fairly easy. You will be given instructions by the metal detector hire business on how to operate the device, use the sensor, and how to best dig something out of the ground. Hiring a gold detector significantly improves your chances of finding gold that is hidden underneath the surface. However, chances of finding that big kahuna still requires quite a bit of luck. Operating the device: easy - although it may get heavy after a few hours.
Finding your fortune: hard.

What if I find gold

A prospectors dream is to find that gold nugget that would pay all future bills. And there is still gold to be found in this rich country of ours. So what happens if you find a piece? Is it finder's keepers? Generally speaking, yes. But only if the land you are prospecting on is not claimed or owned by somebody. If it is, then technically it is their price and you need their permission to prospect on the land and their permission to keep whatever you find.

A day out treasure hunting with the kids

If you are looking for something different to do and want to get the kids away from the computer or tv, you can turn a day out with the kids into an adventurous treasure hunt. Hire a bunch of gold detectors, feed the kids fascinating stories of the good old days and you'll be sure to get them excited. And who knows, maybe one of the little ones finds their fortune to keep them sorted for the rest of their lives. Just be careful, don't get them infected with that gold fever.
And remember, when you go out in the bush, bring slip, slop, slap.