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mini skip bin

Why worry about having your own trailer and driving up and down waste collection facilities, when you can hire a mini skip bin, get it dropped off and picked up from your home?

Fill out the form below and get 2 - 5 quotes. You can pick the one that suits your needs!

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If you are renovating, building or having a big cleaning operation in your house, with mini skip bins you can easily dispose all your excessive materials. To hire skip bins you can follow this easy process. Just fill out the form above and two to five companies will contact you with a quote. You can pick the company you like best and you are all set.

Make sure there is enough room at the spot where you want to have the skip bin placed. Make sure there is enough room for the truck to place the skip bin and finally it is important that the ground on which the skip bin is placed is firm. The skip bin will be delivered at your desired location.

You can now start filling the skip bin with all kind of materials. Usually you can choose to dispose either green waste, construction or demolition, dirt, bricks or regular household removals. Depending on what you want to dispose the price can vary. When the skip bin is full, it will be picked up by the company again and they will get rid of the waste. The period for which you hire the skip bin is different for each company. Skip bins are available for both commercial and domestic use.

What can I put into a skip bin?
The rules and conditions of what you can put into a skip bin are different per company and per state. Make sure you always ask the company that you hire from what the conditions are. In general you are not allowed to put asbestos, tyres or hazardous goods (such as gas bottles, dangerous chemicals, explosives, etc).