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Location, location, location. An often heard phrase in real estate and as least as important for your event. Whether it is for a wedding or a corporate event, you can request a quote with your details and we will find you an ideal location for your event.

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A venue can make or break any event. There are a few things you have to think about when hiring a venue:
  • Indoor or outdoor - When outdoors, you need to make sure there is shelter against the weather (cold and rain, but also heat or wind)
  • Theme of the event - Is it more classical? Then an older building or outdoor can be great. Or industrial in an old factory. Or should it be modern? Art galleries and newer buildings will go well
  • Size - How many people are there? You don't want a location that is too big, so people have the idea the event is "dead", but neither too small that everyone is cramped together.
  • Catering - Some venues include in-house catering options which can be a convenience if you need that. If you arrange catering yourself then wonder what you will need. Do you hire catering equipment or do you need a kitchen on the spot?
  • Entertainment - entertainment will need room and may need special requirements for their act