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Inflatable outdoor cinema

A real crowd pleaser! An inflatable outdoor cinema will entertain young and old. They are available in different sizes to be perfect from a garden party to a 1,000 people event. Did you know some inflatable outdoor cinemas can even float on a pool?

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Do you dream of hosting summer cinema nights in your backyard? This high quality outdoor cinema is at the top of your equipment list. It features easy setup and cleanup so you can focus on entertaining party guests.

This user-friendly cinema rental is durable for use by blokes from age 10 to 100. It sets up in minutes and includes a huge screen paired with a high quality projector and sound system. This rental is perfect for school events, neighbourhood pictures in the park, and birthday parties. Host an outdoor picture night as a fundraiser for your a school sports team. Build community among corporate partnerships with a friendly meet and greet in a local park. This cinema can handle showings for hundreds of people.

We offer movie choices that range from action and adventure, modern dramas to documentary style films. We have many of the latest, popular pictures that can be sent along with the rental. You are welcome to supply your own video feed as long as it meets our quality guidelines for projection through the widescreen and high definition audio speakers.

When you’re ready to cleanup, our equipment folds neatly down into their own carry bags for easy transport. The entire system fits into the boot of most large vehicles.

Bask in the long summer nights with family and friends while watching this outdoor cinema.