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There are a lot of different options when renting a tent for your event. If you are considering something a little more beautiful and ornamental that a normal marquee, try hiring a pagoda tent.

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Pagoda tent hire is usually considered when you are looking to make your party or event look a little more special and providing a little more flair to the occasion. Typical about a pagoda tent is the shape of the roof. Quite often these test are used for wedding ceremonies where the couple stands under the marquee during the most important part of the ceremony. A wedding pagoda has a high peak and may come with silk ceiling lining, socks around the legs and decorative swagging. Rent a pagoda tent to add a little extra class to you wedding or event. However, these classy marquees are also perfectly suited to cover small spaces on a podium or vendor plots on festivals.

The number of guests attending the event is one of the important things you should take into consideration when choosing the suitable type of tent. If you are having many guests, you will be required to hire a tent that is large and with spacious styles. The space needed by the caterers to pass around is also a crucial concern. The tent must accommodate the chairs perfectly and provide ample space for easy movement.

When to go with a Pagoda Tent Hire option

Pagoda tents have more style than regular marquees. The most important thing to consider is the size of the tent you need. If you aren't able to get one that is large enough, then you may not be able to fit all your guests in it. Typical sizes for these tenst are 3x3m, 4x4m 3x6m and larger tenst may be available upon request. Make sure you specify your desired size, or describe the occasion or number of guest the pagoda tent rental should accommodate.

Another thing to consider for your pagoda tent hire is whether to have one with walls or windows. Best is to check the weather conditions before your rental date and check with availability and options with the rental businesses. Pagoda marquees will provide you with protection against all sorts of weather. They are perfect for providing shade and protecting you from the sun, but will also guarantee that you will stay dry when the skies decide to let in poor down rain. On a hot sunny day, you may want to consider a tent that is spacious and has enough ventilation for cooling. It is good also to arrange for some additional cooling things like beverages.

Tent rental businesses will offer you experts to help you. They will also assist you with event beautification and making sure that the theme of the ceremony is highly taken into consideration. They will be helpful in make your occasion amazing and worth remembering by your visitors.