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Photo Booth Rental. A photo booth rental is a kiosk with an automatic camera and film processor inside. Today these are mostly digital. They usually also have a bench where one or two people can sit while they're photographed.

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There are a lot of great times when you may consider a photo booth hire. Special birthday parties (e.g. a sweet 16), weddings (this way you get the candid photos you were hoping for), and company parties are just a few of these times. Regardless of the event, a photobooth hire will give you a lot more intriguing photos than a professional photographer ever could. People simply enjoy snuggling into to the photo booth together. The photo booths take more than 1 picture, so it a a great way to express some silly faces (or look very very serious).

Not only will you appreciate having a photo booth hire at your next event, but so will your guests. In fact, there probably isn't a single person who won't enter it at least once throughout the course of you event. This is because they too want the opportunity to have some photos for remembering the event. Unlike with a photographer, here they're guaranteed to have some photos of themselves for both of you to enjoy.

Now that you understand why you should hire a photo booth, there are a few other things you'll want to know as well. Today's photo booths typically use a high-quality camera attached to a modern, digital printer. Sometimes, there are also fun accessories and props that you can use when taking a photo. These will range from clothes and accessories (e.g. hats, fake glasses) to toys (e.g. shields, swords, masks) depending on the event. These props can be supplied by the photobooth rental company, but of course you are free to add some of your own. Some rental companies provide additional services. For instance, a company may upload all the photos from the event to their website so that you can download and print them out after the event.