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Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) hire for Backcountry Adventurers


Are you or your loved ones worried about the safety of hiking alone? Use this personal locator beacon to ensure your location is transmitted all throughout your adventure. With an easy to use interface, this personal locator beacon will be up and running in minutes.

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If you have ever been hiking out in the outback, you know how remote it can be. Some trails twist and turn, throwing off your internal compass. You come to a trail junction that you thought you knew, but now youíre not even sure which way is north. What if you choose the wrong direction? Getting lost might set you back hours, or even worse, require you to spend the night. Just the thought of this is a huge deterrent for many hikers.

Donít limit your adventures from travelling deep into unknown, previously undiscovered areas. Add this personal locator beacon to your essential hiking kit as a personal safety net. Walk in peace knowing that you have a backup plan . This device is designed to send out a powerful emergency distress signal via an internationally recognised distress frequency that is monitored by rescue agencies. This beacon sends a signal via satellite to determine your exact location. With this device, rescuers typically find the hiker within hours of sending the signal. A personal locator beacon is a must-have device for intrepid adventures into the back country.