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Satellite Phone

If you are going somewhere remote and would like to be able to stay in touch, hire a satellite phone to stay connected. These little babies will make sure you don't go off the grid and that your partner will be able to reach you when the kids are bragging.

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If you are looking for a way to be connected anytime and anywhere then a satellite phone rental is your answer. Our country is a big one and there are plenty of situations where one of these could come in handy. You will not have to worry about regular cellphone reception while traveling through the Outback and other remote spots in Australia. As long as there are communication satellites in orbit you will be able to call your boss, staff, loved ones, friends and in the worst case scenario emergency services. When you hire a satellite phone all you need to worry about are serious solar flare eruptions and hostile alien invasions. You will be fine, for now.

A satellite phone, or also better known as satphone, is similar to a mobile phone except for that it connects to satellites orbiting the earth. This means that it is not dependent on those pesky terrestrial mobile towers for reception. Just like mobile phones they can support functions like voice, sms and low-bandwidth internet access. They cost a lot more to use per minute but you pay for what you get and that is unlimited coverage. Satellite phone hire companies will be able to advise you on this.

So if you are working and traveling through remote areas, hire yourself a satellite phone. Your boss might want to be able to keep in touch with you or wants you to report back to the office. Or more importantly your family. In case of a calamity where no one is around to help you it can be reassuring for both you and them that you always have access to emergency services. And the same goes for when you bring the family along. Accidents can happen at any random moment and either one of you could be the last one standing with the ability to call for help. Safety wise you cannot go wrong here.

In case you are a drug-lord we would like to remind you that this is not the seventies/eighties anymore and that it is not the same as in Narcos.