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Self Storage, Public Self Storage and Storage Units

Need some storage space? Are you moving or do you need to store your items or goodies somewhere? There's always a self storage facility to be found locally around your area.

No matter if you need self storage for household goods, furniture, a boat, your very fancy or very beat up car, or even if you require some commercial storage space. There's plenty of locations out there where you can keep your precious items locked away safe and secure for as long as you desire.

If you have any special request, make sure to tell the local self storage business. They are here to assist you. For instance, request climate controlled storage for food and drinks such as wines. Climate controlled units can be set to certain temperatures and humidity to make sure your precious collection stays up to standards.

What are normal self storage rates?

The price for storage units depends on how much space you require. The more square or cubic meters you need, the more it will cost. Most storage businesses provide a storage calculator that help estimate the required space. However, do shop around. Competitors will often match each others prices so a cheaper option may be at hand. And beware, generally speaking people tend to overestimate the size they require. If you were to have 8 boxes of 50cm x 50 cm x 50 cm, you could already fit 8 boxes in 1 cubic meter. So make sure you know how many cubic meters you need before you start shopping.

Storage tips

Try to pack everything as efficiently as you can, and when you stack, put the heaviest items at the bottom. Also, make sure you arrange pick up and drop off of your goods. You can do this yourself by hiring a trailer, a van or moving specialists. Often, the storage location also has rentals for your to hire.
If you have any breakables, make sure you wrap them up and/or place them in protective containers or sturdy boxes. Additionally, make sure everything is dry and no scraps from food or drinks are present as this may cause mold.

Is my stuff insured when I place it at a storage facility?

Insurance may or may not be covered by the storage provider. Some provide standard insurance that is included in the pricing, others may provide additional insurance options. Before you commit to a new insurance, always double check you are not already covered. Your current home and content insurance may already be sufficient. They only may require a notification that you are moving your goods into storage. If you have items of exceptional value, make sure you read policy details to see what is and what isn't covered and to what extend/value.

Can I access my items 24/7?

Most storage spaces provide around the clock access. You get a key or pin code or other means of security that gives you access to your storage unit only. Some facilities or locations may have limited or restricted access. Double check with the rental company.