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Slushie Machine Hire & Rental

Slushie machine with three choices

The day is hot and the party is getting started. Better start looking for a slushie machine hire.

Rent a slushie machine for you next party or event and make sure everybody keeps their cool!

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What a day, what a brutal hot day! The sun is out in full force and the guests are clearly struggling during your little backyard shindig. Their foreheads glistening with sweat and armpit stains everywhere. Who would have thought that sunshine could devastate the mood and all is ruined for sure. At least, that is what one would think. Not your party though, because just in the nick of time you bust out the slushie machine! Watch as your guest flock to you and your epic machine of cool icy salvation like you are a holy spirit yourself. The party is saved but you clearly were not planning on losing. Renting a slushie machine made sure of that.

Slushies’, or also known as slurpees, have the uncanny ability of making a good day a better day. Absolutely perfect for the kids but one would be a fool to underestimate its delicious potential and appeal for adults. Lighten up the mood by spreading the fun and brain freezes while enjoying the smiles and laughter of all your surrounding guests, so why not hire a slushy machine today. Nothing is better than a freezing cold slushie on warm summer day. Sweet skipperoo, have you been up north?

But do not think for a second that a slurpee machine is only suitable during the warm months. Did you know that Canada is the number one slurpee consuming nation in the world? Sure temperatures are just as high over there as in Australia over the summer, but have you ever experienced a minus forty degrees winter? Good chance you have not you lucky person you. Though still Canadians consume slushies like there is no tomorrow all through winter too. And you can too. So pick your favorite flavors and stock up on bags of ice from the super because mate, it is slushie time!

Check with the slushie machine hire expert for popular flavours and operation and cleaning instructions.