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Smoke machine for fog effect at parties

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If you are looking to throwing a small house party, a rave or you want to hold an outdoor function then your main worry is how to make your event worthwhile by ensuring it is entertaining. There is no better way to throw an entertaining event other than by enhancing it with special effects smoke or fog. And since yours is a once in a while event, you may have to hire a smoke machine to create that stunning atmosphere. There are many companies offering various fog machines for hire.

A/V companies and and party and event businesses usually offer smoke machine hire, providing you a wide variety of smoke machines options. These machines produce atmospheric effects which are purposely used to create special effects, enhance the visibility of lighting effects and create specific environments come from either smoke machines or fog machines.

Smoke effects
From smoke machines are produced from pyrotechnic materials like smoke cookies, incense and prefabricated smoke cartridges. The smoke machine releases smoke that consists of solid components which are released during combustion.

Fog effects
Fog is made by pumping fog fluid into a heat exchanger and then heating the liquid until it vaporises thus creating a thick cloud that is either opaque or translucent. These effects are made possible by fog machines. Low lying effects are also created by the combination of a fog machine with another device which makes the fog heavier.

Depending on your preferences you can either choose a fog machine or a smoke machine for hire at a reputable hiring company near you. The machines are available in different shapes and sizes thus it is important to check up with your smoke machine hire company so as to get the exact machine for your needs. You can even get machine that produce smoke in various colours.

Discuss transport and pickup of the equipment, and even though they are simple to operate, make sure you get the instructions. That way, you have adequate time to work on the other details concerning your event. What more do you need? Start blasting smoke and bring some atmosphere to the party!