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Stand up paddleboard hire


In this day of multitasking who would't want to combine great fun, exercise, and sight-seeing all in one activity? Add to this your friends and family out on the open water, and you have the elements for a memorable day.

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Explore and Experience Nature
Gliding across the water is an entirely different level of engagement than sitting on the shore. The Stand Up Paddleboard gives you mobility without getting complicated because all you need is a board, a paddle, and yourself. Explore new waterways and nature all around by paddling at the speed you want and in the direction that intrigues you. Either sit or stand as you paddle to new destinations and possibly get closer to wildlife than ever before.

Recreational Exercise At Its Best
Paddleboarding recruits muscles from your core, legs, and shoulders. You could easily burn 250 - 500 calories in an hour while simultaneously working on your balance and upper body strength. What a great way to get in an exercise routine!

The Perfect Family and Friends Activity
The learning curve is relatively small in comparison to other water sports so most anyone can participate. Invite a friend for some good quality bonding time on the open water or take your family for an adventure that will not only be enjoyable but will teach everyone a new skillset. A group of friends on Stand Up Paddleboards is certainly going to produce some healthy laughter and favorite memories.

Engage your sense of freedom and adventure by reserving a Stand Up Paddleboard for your next day of fun in the sun with family and friends.