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Is your garage, closet or basement almost bursting with important or precious items? Or maybe you are moving to a smaller house or renovating your house, some extra space for storage comes in very handy.

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Storage lockers offer a convenient solution when you want to clear your cluttered basement, attic or garage. Storage units come in different sizes and you need to plan before you hire or rent a unit not to hire a big space that you do not need or a small space that will not fit all your valuables. Figure out a self storage unit that best suits your needs and size requirements.

Consider storage locker rental companies with special amenities for instance 24-hour access, climate controlled storage, and electricity. Some facilities allow 24-hour access to the self storage units, making it possible for you to access your goods at your convenience. Climate controlled units ensure that your valuables are safe from extreme weather conditions such as high humidity or the hot Australian temperatures.

If you are storing bulky and heavy items and you do not have access to a moving truck, look for a storage locker rental facility with a truck rental program and let them worry about moving the goods to the storage lockers. If you do not find a facility that offers such services for free, it will only cost your breath to ask for a discount on the price of renting the truck or be advised on a good place to hire one.

Insure the goods you are planning to store in your rented storage locker because the storage facilities may not take responsibility for the goods you store in your unit. Storage insurance is usually available at the time of renting the unit, but before you purchase insurance from the manager, confirm with your agent because at times your renterís policy will cover you for no additional cost. Additionally, your own home and contents insurance may already cover items that are stored in external facilities. You do need to notify your insurance with the relevant details.