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Surfboard hire

Person on a rental surfboard

Are you learning to surf? Or are you on holiday and did you not bring your surfboard? No worries!

There are plenty of local surfboard providers that will let you enjoy the surf in Australia.

Request quotes from local companies today!


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When you think of Australia, you think of laid back, the sun, the beaches and surfing! It is one of the most popular sports in Australia and overseas visitors see it as the Aussie national sport.

There are various options you have when renting a surfboard. For most beginners a softboard is the best choice. It's softer, so if it hits you when you wipe out it doesn't hurt. The fins are usually less sharp as well, decreasing the risk of getting injured. All softboards have a lot of volume, which means they float quite easily, making them more stable and makes it easier to catch waves. Usually these boards are also much longer than the white flashy boards you see with the pro's. That's also because a longer board has more volume, making it easier for you.

In case you are more experienced, there are usually various boards such as mals, super fish and other funboards available.

Don't forget to hire a wetsuit or rashie. A wetsuit is great against the cold water (especially in Western Australia - Perth or Margaret River) or against stingers/Jellyfish. Prices are usually between $10 and $20 an hour or you pay a discounted price per day or week.