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Swing Ride Hire and Rental

Carnival swing ride

Book and hire a swing ride for your next (birthday) party or event. Get the kids excited and entertain them with these great fun fair rides. Request quotes from local sideshow and carnival rental companies.

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When was the last time you went on a swing ride? Wait, don't say. It must have been when you were young and stunned by every excitement the beautiful world (or your parents) would throw at you. Remember those days when you climbed into one of the chairs or other objects, and eagerly waited until the ride would start to spin? Feeling of immense freedom and joy overwhelmed you as the world spun round and round. You could see your parents smiling at you every time you flew by. As soon as you the swing ride was over, all you could say was: "again, again".

Relive those days and hire a swing ride or other carnival ride for your kids next birthday party. Or perhaps you are organising an event, fair, fundraiser or fete and want to provide some entertainment for the children. Rent sideshow games and carnival attractions and make people smile. Just having the rides around already provides the setting and atmosphere for a great party or event.

You can hire and rent all sorts of attractions and rides. You can set up an entire circus of carnival equipment. Perhaps even get some clowns in that can show off their bulky red noses. With swing rides and other carnival equipment, it is always safety first. The safety of the children and bystanders must be guaranteed and of primary concern. This means that supervision is necessary and that instructions must be followed at all times. The sideshow/carnival rental business will provide all required safety instructions and will arrange all necessary personnel. Do listen carefully and heed their instructions. It is large machinery with lost of moving parts. Albeit they are very safe, care must be taken at all times. Arrangements can be made for setting up and dropping of the hired attractions.