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Trestle table hire


Are you expecting a large number of guests, visitors or customers? Would you like to display merchandise for a warehouse sale? Trestle table hire allows you to satisfy these functions and prepare for a successful event.

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Do you expect a large number of guests for a wedding, sporting event or flea market? Do you only need temporary tables for a one-time get-together? Trestle table hire ensures that you have plenty of display space.

If you have a convention or warehouse sale, then trestle table hire can be a great way to display your goods, products or merchandise. It might be as simple as bingo night. When you have a large number of attendees, then trestle tables are ideal.

You might not want to purchase permanent tables for a number of reasons. Your space might be multi-functional, perhaps it is a basketball gym floor. Your most popular events might only happen once-a-year, for example Christmas.

Trestle table hire is a great way to seat a large number of people. The trestle table has its legs fold up under the rectangular body of the table. These are easy to move - two workers can carry them to their destination. They can also be stacked on moving trucks or for storage.

You could also use these trestle tables for outdoor events, such as weddings or family reunions. Hire a tent and set up the trestle tables with chairs to welcome your important guests.