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Feel like going sticky? Feel like hanging upside down on a wall for a change? Hire a velcro wall for your next event and have some jumping fun. Jump and attach yourself to a sticky wall in all sorts of positions.

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Family entertainment is perhaps the biggest challenge to setting up an event. A birthday party could draw in attendees if there are announcements made. Parents want these parties to be something special for their children. A velcro wall is a unique concept that attracts attention from those in attendance.

A velcro padded wall is set up to be tested. Typically, these walls will come packaged with a suit that should be worn when jumping. It makes it possible to permanently stick against the velcro wall hire. Participants should get a running start before they leap up for a firm stick. A photo gallery can be set up to help people visualise the experience. It is a daredevil act that should only be attempted by brave partygoers. Some sites may list the product as a sticky wall hire.

It takes some space to assemble the wall itself. Some parties may feature several different booths with interactive exhibits. Party planners may excel when it comes to the rental that they are arranging for owners. Some are inflatable, requiring time to fill up with heated air inside. Suits have to be sized for those that are in attendance at the party.

Some companies will bring a trampoline for guests to use. It takes some coordination to handle the trampoline at will. It is made more difficult when wearing a bulky suit. But the trampoline does make the sticky wall hire a bit more entertaining. Standard rentals will usually come packaged with 2 suits for each velcro wall hire. Families should identify local business owners close to their neighboring city. That will ensure prompt delivery for the party event. Be sure to advertise the Velcro wall in party invitations.