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Why bother buying tender for your yacht while you can hire the tender you desire. We offer tender services for the crew, guests, luggage pickups, deliveries, and support for races or other events. One reason you should hire a tender is if you need for just one time. Besides that, you could still be waiting for yours to be constructed while you need the service of one urgently.

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A major part of your yacht life will be spent with a tender. The reason is that many areas around the country’s shoreline do not have marinas. The ones available are spread out, which could limit the areas you ever get to visit. Thus, you will need to use a good and reliable for various runs ashore.

There are many factors to consider when you want to hire a tender. For one, you should think of how much weight you want to haul to and from the shore. You should also think about the speed of the tender you hire. It may be especially important if you require getting guests to the shore quickly from your mega yacht.

One other major factor to keep in mind when hiring a tender is how well it will tow at sea. A light tender will be prone to flipping, especially if the sea is a bit rough. You may also choose to lash a tender on deck for an overnight passage to reduce the risk of losing it. Besides that, the speed gains are worth the effort.

If you chose to use a rubber tender, remember to pump it up correctly. If you have little space on deck, a fully inflatable tender may be the best choice. Each company has diffident rules for the hiring of their tenders. Check their rules carefully.