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How does Hiresquare work?

We are an online hiring marketplace and connect you to local rental companies. We help you find what you are looking for when you want to hire a product. There are more products for hire than you can imagine. We provide easy product categorisation and assist you in your online search. We think people should consume less, and make more use of items that are available. Assets should not be standing around idle or be bought out of simple consumerist behaviour. Why buy it, when you can simply hire it.

How do I hire a product?

On Hiresquare you can request quotes from hire & rental companies across Australia. Simply search for the product you are looking for or browse through the categories. Fill out the required details and rental companies will get back to you with quotes.

Do you rent out products yourself?

We do not rent out products our self. Hiresquare makes use of the services from Australian rental companies. They will provide you with the products and provide a service.

I cannot find the product I am looking for, what can I do?

We are working hard to list as many products and categories as quickly as we can. If you have something that is not listed on Hiresquare, please let us know and we will try to help you find a relevant rental company.

Will I receive hiring quotes from local companies?

Yes. When you request a quote we ask for your postcode. This postcode will be used to match your hiring request to local rental companies.

I have a complaint, what do I do?

Please fill out the contact form and specify the reason for your complaint. We take all requests seriously and will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have a complaint about a company that delivered a rental product, please specify the company details so we can follow up. Companies that receive multiple complaints are removed from Hiresquare.

I have a compliment, what do I do?

Jump in the air and do a little dance. You may also flick us an email or simply like us on Facebook. If you have a compliment or recommendation for a company that delivered a rental service, do let us know and we will make sure to pass it on.

I have a question that is not listed here.

Don’t panic. Breathe and relax. Now, slowly navigate your mouse to the where it says ‘contact’ on the page, you may also simply click contact Hiresquare.