What does Hiresquare do?

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Hiresquare is the easiest way to search rental products. Simply do a product search, and we’ll connect you to local providers.
How does it work

Search for a product that you want to hire.

Fill out your details and hit the button to request quotes.

Choose from the quotes receive and hire!


For consumers
For consumers or companies that are looking to hire/rent something it is free.

For businesses
It is completely free to sign up and register yourself. No hidden costs and no surprises. Once you have been verified, you get access to hire/rental requests that are placed on Hiresquare. The first leads you choose to respond to are free. That way you can try out Hiresquare without it costing you any hard earned dollars. Once you have run out of 'free credits', you will be asked to join a monthly membership plan. You can choose to cancel this subscription at any time. No surprises and no cancellation fees.

Your product not here?

Are you searching for a product that is not (yet) listing on Hiresquare? Let us know. We are happy to help and do to searching for you! Fill out contact form and state what you are looking for.