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Thank you for accessing our website www.hiresquare.com.au. This website is owned and operated by Hiresquare PTY LTD (Hiresquare). By using this website you are subject to the Terms and Conditions as stated below and you acknowledge and confirm that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions.


The content on Hiresquare is carefully compiled and presented. Hiresquare takes great and reasonable care to provide accurate and up to date information. Hiresquare publishes this information, but takes no responsibility and cannot be held liable for any errors and/or omissions or inaccuracies in this information or actions as a result of this information. Users of this website are able to provide content and information on the website themselves. Hiresquare exerts no editorial control or supervision on this content and information. Complaints about this content can be directed to Hiresquare upon which we will investigate and intervene or make changes where appropriate. Hiresquare is not accountable and shall not be liable for any errors or inaccuracies in displayed information that is provided by or about these third parties. This website may contain links and references to third party resources or websites. Hiresquare is not responsible and cannot be held liable for the information, content, products, services on such external sources or provided by such external resources. These references to external resources do not imply endorsement by Hiresquare. By accessing and referencing these resources, you acknowledge that risks that arise from this are solely your own and that Hiresquare takes no responsibility in this. Hiresquare may change the content and information of this website at any time. This includes information that is provided by third parties. All information and content on this website may be changed by Hiresquare at any time. As a third party you will not post, upload, submit, transmit or share any content or information that infringes or violates copyrights, trademarks, patents, intellectual property rights or any other rights where you are not entitled to it's use.


Quotes that you request and obtain through our website from businesses companies are not provided by Hiresquare. Hiresquare does not take responsibility and cannot be held liable for any content, errors or omissions in these quotes. These quotes are provided by third parties and the agreements and contracts that are made with these third parties are not the responsibility of Hiresquare in any way. Hiresquare is not involved in the actual transaction between businesses and users and as such it is out of Hiresquare's control. Hiresquare only provides links or introductions between users and businesses. We are not responsible for the actions, products and services provided by these businesses. Hiresquare takes no part, cannot be held responsible or liable for the products/services these business provide, the availability of these products/services, or any damage that may arise in any form by engaging, interacting, hiring, renting, leasing or using the products of services of these third companies. For both users and businesses, we do not guarantee that a transaction or follow up will actually take place after initial contact has been made through Hiresquare where parties have become connected or linked with one another. When you choose to accept a lead or quote, we do not guarantee this will lead to a transaction and commitment by the other party. As a user of this webstie you acknowledge and understand this. If a dispute arises between users of the website (consumers, customers or businesses), Hiresquare, itís employees, affiliates, subsidiaries, advisors and directors are released of any claims, demands, damages that arise out of such a dispute.

Privacy policy and user information

Hiresquare respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information provided is treated as highly confidential. We will only use your information to improve website(s) and/or project(s) of Hiresquare. Hiresquare will never sell your personal information to third parties except for the purpose of making it available to third parties that are involved in processing your request. When requesting quotes or leads through Hiresquare, you understand that personal information may be released to a third party for the sole purpose of engaging with you about your submitted request. When making use of Hiresquare, you must provide us with accurate and up to date information as requested. Keeping this information up to date and making changes made to these details are the responsibility of the user. You may inform us any time about changes that you wish to make, and Hiresquare may change this information at any time. When creating an account on Hiresquare you will be prompted to fill in personal information. Your personal information is stored on a secure server. We appreciate the trust you place in us and we will therefore be extremely careful with your data. When registering an account, the user agrees to the terms and conditions described here and gives Hiresquare permission to use this information for mailings of (future) websites, projects and/or initiatives. Our employees and third parties engaged by us are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your information and acknowledge this by accepting these terms and conditions.

Copying prohibited

The content of this website including, but not limited to texts, layout, drawings, photographs, logos, movies, images, data, software, name, trademarks and domain names, and other elements of this website are protected by copyright and belong to Hiresquare. Where use is made of the content or third party scripts, copyright belongs to these parties, unless otherwise stated, for which Hiresquare has obtained legal right to use it. It is strictly prohibited without prior written consent of Hiresquare to duplicate or store (other than required for the website to view it), modify, publish, reproduce, distribute, transmit, sell or otherwise transfer or grant to third parties rights to information displayed on this website. It is also forbidden to share content on other websites or platforms (i.e. social media platforms) if such a website or platform claims to acquire the rights on this contents of as a result of use. Copying content is punishable. It is strictly forbidden to copy the content offered by Hiresquare and publish it without prior consent of Hiresquare. Automatic scanning (and saving) the content using bots, spiders and/or other automated scripts is strictly prohibited. The automatic or systematic collection of data from this website is also strictly prohibited. The perpetrator of this offense will be punished, will be prosecuted and receive a fine occasion of the proven abuse.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer by your browser. Cookies allow us to recognise you when you visit. Hiresquare uses cookies to recognise you when you visit and for targeted advertising, referral tracking and marketing purposes with third partners. You can set your browser so that you will not receive cookies while browsing.

Content usage

The content on Hiresquare may never - without prior written consent of Hiresquare - be used for any form of publication. If you wish to use the content, you can contact us at any time and we will inform you on the possibilities.

Improper content

In case of improper and/or unlawful entry please contact us at any time. The information will be corrected or deleted after careful assessment.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Hiresquare may change these terms and condition at any time without a notice to you. It is the responsibility of the user to check these terms for changes and amendments. By continuing to use this website, you agree to these terms and conditions and are bound by these terms and conditions.

Availability of the Service

We strive to have our services available continuously. However, we do not guarantee undisrupted service and continuity as regular maintenance, scheduled updates or unexpected technical failure may occur. Where possible we will provide active updates on the situation and will provide you with relevant information in advance when we can.

Use of this website

The content of this website, the application of this website and the use of this website is intended for persons who are 18 years of age or older. You must be at least 18 years of age to use this website and that you are legally entitled and have the power to enter into agreements with third party suppliers. You also understand that agreements that are made are binding and legal obligations upon you.

Business Refunds

We want to be open and transparent and maintain a fair use policy. Be agreeing to the terms and conditions, you also agree to the refund policy. We value the quality of the requests and lead that we forward to you. If the quality is not up to standards or you have an issue with a lead, please do contact us.

When you did not secure a lead/request, this does not mean you are automatically eligible for a refund. We operate a marketplace that should both be of value to consumers and businesses. This means that a consumer may receive quotes from various businesses, as he/she also would outside of our platform. Securing a business is thus influenced by service levels, product availability and pricing. A refund may only be issued when a lead cannot be contacted or is not serious about their hire/rental requests. Refunds can be requested through the business portal.

All refunds requests will be assessed by our team to see if they are legit and fair. This means all requests are investigated and we may contact customers to see if the request is reasonable.

We have the right to refuse or accept any refuse request and the decision is final. All requests must be made within 14 days of the quote request date. We aim to process all refund requests within 7 days.

If approved, the refunded amount will be credited to you account. The refunds are also based on a fair use policy. This means that your account will be monitored and compared to average performance of other accounts. If we find there is abuse, or reports of abuse against your account, we may refuse refunds.

We hold the right to make changes to the refund policy and terms and conditions at any time.